Monday, September 13, 2010

to sum up the past 48 hours

Wow, so I've only been in Friedberg for 3 days and already I've: had a conference, climbed a mountain, figured out I don't really like beer as much I put on, miss my parents enormously, and seen Neuschwanstein (from a distance). In the next two days I will: exchange my wad of cash, go shopping with my host parents, check in with the local authorities, meet my counselor, and go to school. This is without doubt the craziest thing I've ever done. My sleep is out of sheer exhaustion. I climbed a mountain yesterday! A small one, but still a four hour hike! So worth it though. The view was spectacular.

There I am on top of my little mountain, next to the big ones. The conference was good also. I traveled by train to Gunzburg and met up with a bunch of exchange students, both Inbound and Rebounds. No Outbounds yet. It's so weird not being an Outbound anymore... Anyways, we have two planned trips. One in a couple weeks for Autumn break, we are going to Berlin for four days. Then there is the 3-week trip around Germany trip in April that I am beyond excited for. By that time, hopefully, we'll all be speaking German. Well we have to be, since before Christmas Break we have to take a test. Wonderful. Better get cracking! Until next time, Tschus!--sjinternationl


  1. Great picture beautiful!

  2. awesome picture! glad you are doing well :) miss youuu.

    oh yeah..ya wanna give me your address there sport?!

  3. So psyched for you. Love the picture and keep them coming.

  4. OH. MY. GOSH. That is soooo amazing! Glad you are having a good time!!!!