Friday, September 17, 2010

it's been... one week since you looked at me

I woke up this morning with that song in my head. I think my brother, Zach, will appreciate it. He always liked that one. Anywho. It actually has been a week. One full week ago I was on a plane. My parents were on their way back to Fremont, and I was off to my new life in Germany. It feels like I've been here forever! I take it as a good thing, though, not as if it's been so long and I need to go home. I've simply done so much already and can't imagine what else there is. Oh, but I CAN! I've got trips and weekends planned out the wazoo over here. There is so much to look forward to. I also feel comfortable in my new home. Henner and Manuela treat me like a daughter and I treat them as parents, although I'm sure I'm a bit more flexible and helpful than a true daughter would be. But that's just the exchange student training in me. School is good. It's mostly me sitting next to my friends in class, doodling on my notebook, listening to the teacher talk and reading my dictionary. It's as exciting as it sounds. However, in two weeks I start my German course in Augsburg. I'm quite anxious to begin, because if you hadn't noticed, dear reader, friends usually speak. At the moment, my 'friends' and I smile, laugh, and occasionally attempt to breach the language barrier. I'm really good in Englisch class, though. Duh. Well, I don't want to give too much away yet, but this weekend yours truly will be walking in the Oktoberfest Parade in Munich. Wearing a traditional durndel. This is not something I would normally EVER get to do. But I am an exchange student and the sky is the limit (in the air above Germany; other than that, I need a visa and permission). This is really something I'm looking forward to and I hope everything goes well. I will blog about the details when I have the details! Until then, tschus!--sjinternational


  1. I am having a hard time posting a comment!

  2. I guess I figured it out! Got your letter today, how things can change! SO glad that you are getting into the groove!

  3. YES! Patience is the lesson we're going to learn with the regular mail system, Fred. You can always shoot me an e-mail if you need me. I check it everyday.