Thursday, December 10, 2009

the jist of it all

So, I've always been a bit bored with Fremont, MI. It's understandable, I think, coming from Chicago, my favorite city in the world (so far). My mom, Julie, and I were looking for a different road that I could take when we came across the book The Global Student by Maya Frost. There was so much hype about what an amazing thing an international education is. That is when Rotary came in. Rotary International sponsors students across the nation to go abroad and study in another country for a year. I heard the choir singing as I learned more about the opportunities. Study internationally, live with different families, go to school and learn how kids my age learn in different cultures; I practically felt myself drooling. So I am now a part of the Rotary District 6290 (woot!) Outbound Program. It was not without its hardships AKA a giant mountain of paperwork and chasing poor high school counselors for transcripts, recommendations, etc. I concluded that if they make us do that much paperwork, then they obviously REALLY want to go over hundreds of the same application from other kids. More power to 'em. I listed off countries that I want to go to, Spain being my #1 choice, but I'm pretty sure we have minimal say in where our lives end up for a year, which is fine by me. All the Outbounds are told where they are going on February 12, on our way up to Sault St. Marie for a Rotary conference. There will most likely be screaming and excitement when we find out, which I'm sure my parents will appreciate when I call them at 10 o'clock to tell them where I'll be for the next year of my life. Now, I could go into how amazing Rotary is and what a complex system they've got going, but I'm sure that through the next year, you will figure it out for yourselves. For now, adios, sayonara, arrivederci, and au revoir -- sjinternational