Tuesday, September 14, 2010

konradin realschule

High school. The word strikes fear into the hearts of teens all over the world. Friedberg, Germany is no exception. I was so nervous this morning to walk into a class full of teenagers who had grown up together, speaking the same language, I might add. I wanted to turn my fahrrad (bike) around and pedal all the way back to Fremont, which would be hard considering the Ocean. Despite my nerves, I got to school and went to meet the principal who only spoke Englisch to tell me that he doesn't speak good Englisch. Okay, that was cool. They dropped me off in my class, where I gave that awkward, new student introduction to everyone. Two girls, Isabell and Simone asked me to come sit with them. I didn't say no. Those two and their friends seem really cool. A lot like people I would hang out with in Fremont. I wish I could have talked with them more because I want to stay "friends" with them. I will just have to learn German. What a concept! I have been speaking some sentences with Manuela and Henner. I don't seem too bad. I felt pretty homesick after school (at 11:35 today!). Henner asked me if I wanted to go walk around town. I have now figured out that when I feel homesick or upset, all I have to do is walk around. Not in circles, but around Friedberg. It's almost as if I'm walking away and leaving the bad emotions where I was. Not a shabby compromise. All in all, school seems okay. I won't really participate in classes, because Economy and Chemistry auf Deutsche isn't really my cup of tea. I will read my dictionary or sit and watch the teacher's lips as they flap in a language I will know. Das ist alles! Tschus!--sjinternational

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  1. I'm sure you will be an expert in German soon enough! Miss you too! (but super jealous of the fact that you are in a beautiful country far far away from lil' old Fremont, Michigan!)