Sunday, July 11, 2010

ready, set, go

Let me lay out the situation for you: I just spent the weekend with hundreds of past, present, and future exchange students, sharing experiences, asking questions, and getting answers. It's been great to see friends from 6290 and to meet new ones from across Cental States. I've learned so much from the Rebounds who were fresh off of planes from their own exchanges. I'm pumped and ready to go. All my friends are leaving in 2-3 weeks, when all of a sudden HAHA I have to wait until September! It's quite bittersweet actually. I get to spend more time in my life here, but I could be embarking on my new one in Bavaria with my host parents, Henner and Manuela. I am anxious to meet them, bring them into my life, and learn from them. However, I am going to cherish the time I have left with the people I love and my parents, who happen to be my best friends. I feel ready to let go and dive head first into this new world of Rotary exchange. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!--sjinternational

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